front facade

You’ll notice a trend when you read about our team. Each one represents our philosophy and commitment to you in their own exceptional way. Our staff who answer the phone, greet you, and listen to your questions understand that most of our patients are nervous when they first call. They are ready to answer your questions. Our dental assistants have your comfort in mind and are ready to adapt and accommodate to your individual needs. It is our priority to give you a superior root canal and leave South Austin Microendodontics smiling.



At South Austin Microendodontics, your comfort and care are why we are all here. Everyone shares this goal, and that philosophy drew Megan to our practice in 2012. She loved the dentist growing up and has worked hard to grow knowledgeably in all aspects of the dental field to work in a compassionate environment. She keeps everything running smoothly and says, “I like to get things done. If there’s a better way to do it, I want to find it!” Megan is all about organization and structure and will wear any hat that needs put on for the day. In her time off, she plays tennis and works on DIYs around the house.



When you have questions about how your dental benefits work, Lauren is the person who gets the answers. She comes to us with over 16 years in the medical field and has taken to the dental world seamlessly. Verifying benefits and calculating co-pays can be tedious and thankless but Lauren’s fun personality and easy laughter are the perfect balance to our front office team. She has a high schooler and a toddler at home so a sense of humor is pretty much a necessity. She stays busy with her family watching high school sports, football with friends, and family game night. And after staying on hold with insurance companies every day, Lauren earns her glass of wine at night!



Kelly was waitressing when a coworker suggested, “You’re great with people and you know how to move quick. You would make a great dental assistant.” We’re glad she took the advice! She joined us in 2013 and her warm, friendly, and fun personality has been comforting anxious patients ever since. Kelly is hands-on, intuitive, and adapts to her patient’s individual needs. When people ask her what it’s like to work here she says, “I commute an hour every day from Bastrop. If I didn’t respect these doctors and trust them completely, I couldn’t work here.” Kelly loves being outdoors and is the office green thumb. She will also crush most people on the golf course!



When Amber’s son was a year old, she took him to the dentist, scared and uncertain. A dental assistant answered her questions, calmed her fears, and in that one visit inspired her to become a dental assistant. We have been thrilled to have her on our team since 2014. Amber says people can get freaked out if they think they might get blind-sided. “I want to explain everything so they know exactly what’s happening. It calms them down.” Amber has two children and hangs out at the park with them and also watches as many movies as she can. Ask her for recommendations and tell her what movie is your favorite!