You are here because your Doctor gave you a referral slip to come see “Austin Microendodontics.” Or maybe you are experiencing a lot of pain and one of your helpful friends suggested you find a “root canal doctor.” Either way, you would probably rather be, well, anywhere else. We get it.

We know that tooth pain can be the worst kind of pain and that it can make people cranky. We won’t expect you to be at your best when you come to our office. We also know that the negative hype around root canals can make the bravest souls a little fearful and the fearful souls want to hide under a rock. We get that, too.


Here’s what we promise to you when you come to our office:


In our experience, we find that most people who are fearful come by it honestly. Some people experienced trauma when they were kids. Some people get a gag reflex when they undergo dental treatment. Some people just hate not being able to see what is going on with their mouths. We understand, which is why we get your permission to start your treatment and we will adapt to your individual needs. And if all of this still feels like too much, we can sedate you so that you don’t have to remember any of it.

“I’ve had a lot of bad and painful dental experiences. This was the exact opposite. Its so nice to have an experience with a doctor / dentist where you feel like they actually care about your comfort level. The dentist can be scary, it’s no fun, but Dr. Overstreet and her staff made the entire journey pleasant.” ~Ben E.



We will ask you questions. “What is your fear?” “How can we make you feel more comfortable?” “Is there anything you don’t understand?” We are not going to be dismissive or hurry you along or push you. And we aren’t going to treat you unless we are 100% positive we have correctly diagnosed you and given you the most predictable outcome. We give you information so you can make the best decision about your own care.

“Dr. Hom thoroughly tested all the scenarios, not only one time, but two to three times in order to eliminate any premature, unnecessary treatments. He patiently explained each test to me. Eventually, he narrowed down to one possibility—I reinjured my cracked tooth with a crown. Without hesitation, he readjusted my crown. Wow, immediately my pain, the pain made me sob every time I chew on anything or drinking cold or hot liquid for 5 days was miraculously disappeared!!!” ~Edward C.



Our objective is to get you smiling. It’s why we are here and it’s why we choose to operate the way we do. If you are not numb, we are not starting treatment. And we are going to get you out of pain while delivering the absolute best care. Sometimes this means more than one visit. Yes, that can be inconvenient but we are committed to giving you a quality root canal that your dentist can restore with a crown and leave you with absolutely no persistent pain. We do what it takes to not only get you out of pain, but keep you out of pain.

“When you see the Dr taking their time, checking, using smaller and smaller instruments you kinda realize, even if you are not a specialist, that they are putting a LOT of care and dedication into their work, hmmm it’s more than work, it’s … ART. Many, many thanks to Dr Overstreet, Anna, Kelly and all the great staff that make amazing things happen at this office!” Nick B.

Imagine a world where root canals aren’t all that bad. Imagine knowing you made the best and most informed decision for yourself that offers the best chance of success. Imagine walking out of our office smiling, never to return. Now meet the doctors who can make this happen for you.

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